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No-Confidence Vote on McCarthy?
Aug 1
S$16,139 bet
guyin1stplace sold S$235 of NO
@SalemCenter if the motion to vacate is tabled, does that count as a vote on the "motion to vacate the chair" or "no confidence vote?" To me, I would strongly assume no because that would mean the official vote is not happening, but I think this should be clarified.
50P is betting NO at 30%
@zubbybadger Is there even a "no confidence vote" in the House? Note both are non-capitalized. Lack of capitalization and if there is no such thing as a no-confidence vote in the House, certainly gives more leeway for counting a vote on a motion to table the motion to vacate the chair.
guyin1stplace is betting NO at 30%
@50P If the motion to vacate is tabled, the vote on the motion to vacate does not happen. I don't really see much wiggle room there personally, but would appreciate the clarification
@salemcenter Why is this set to close on January 18th?
@JosiahNeeley That would've been a disaster, thanks.
@SalemCenter The close date on this question seems wrong.
@salemcenter how about Will George Santos resign by July 31, 2023?

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