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Republicans Favored in Senate on Election Day?
Nov 8
S$36,420 bet
riverwalk3 is betting YES at 93%
Bought this back when this was in the 20s. Will make a huge profit soon
Ben is betting YES at 57%
@Salem Center, I am operating under the assumption that 51-49 favoring Republicans resolves this yes, even if the headline is a "dead heat". This is the only way to make sense of "If Republicans have an exactly 50% chance on the date and time specified, this market will resolve as NO." But please correct me if wrong!
@blatlas The wording "dead heat" has no bearing on how this market closes, just the numbers.
For the purposes of market resolution, which 538 forecast model is being evaluated? Lite, Classic, or Deluxe?
@adam308 the model that shows up when you click on the link provided

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